Alfa Romeo 159 Review

Article: Alfa Romeo 159 Review

Here’s a quick test of the Alfa Romeo 159 SW JTD 120CV, where I detail my main impression when driving on the controls, visibility, drivability and engine.

The grip of the Alfa Romeo 159 is still disconcerting as easily. The clutch is less capricious in handling the test model, the car handles so much easier. The steering is firm and linear, but still lacks a bit of sweetness. The control box is fairly accurate. Alfa Romeo 159 is very good, with French chandeliers boxes.
To return to the regulator, it is ultimately very practical highway to stabilize and not have to look at her counter all the time. It is even sometimes a bit disconcerting to see the car react alone, especially since we do not really know what to do with his foot at first. In short, it is a great comfort for for them who generally used to play with speed limits and who does not like doing nothing.

If rear visibility is somewhat limited (SW), side visibility is quite good and the large area outside mirrors are VERY nice, and give you much comfort. The equipment of Alfa Romeo 159 is too comfortable; the lights are mitigated when the scene is still quite clearly visible.
The range of the light beam, clearly insufficient for dark night on departmental, moreover when it runs much and there are lots of bumps. It is extremely uncomfortable. The headlights themselves show a range in completely decent, if not too conventional so that one tends to forget to return to breeding.
The meters are very readable; the backlight is red design, powerful without being aggressive. They are all facing driver.

It is fairly comfortable to the suspension, and responds very well. It seems to have the ability to eat of the curve at high speed without a whimper, but for small, fast and agile segues city, I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to me an idea. The directional stability is generally good except on pavement deteriorated enough downhill, the car tends to expand a bit on course without jumping suddenly, far from it: it is just necessary to correct or often hold the steering wheel firmly 2 hands.

It was the version from 1.9 JTDM 120CV, which proves to be extremely good. The engine is incredibly smooth, quiet, smooth and low noise up 2000tr, which is remarkable for a diesel. The tone is correct, more manly than HDI, less agricultural than the (very horrible) the 2.0 TDI and more discreet than the 1.9 TDI at popping noise injection to 3000tr. In short, this is his strong point: smooth, quiet and cushy.

We like it or not design, but overall we can say it’s a nice car. The dashboard is a little austere for an alfa, which is unfortunate. The seating comfort and suspension is similar to a German. The look and finish are decent, livability correct but lacking a little tidying.The equipment is also nice.

In short, this car is fun, easier to drive. Rather cushy typed in this engine rather discreet little nervous. Currently in the long run that car could make the best of its potential.


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