Audi A5 – Car Review

Article: Audi A5 – Car Review

The Audi A5 ranks 7 out of 9 among the all Luxury Sports Cars. This ranking is totally based on the analysis of 27 published reviews and test drives of the Audi A5.The Audi A5 is a package of an impressive combination of elegance and sporty handling dynamics. Though its performance capabilities fall short of the competition, the Audi A5 is still an exciting vehicle to drive. The best driver-oriented combination in the Audi A5 family car is also the least expensive.

A5 Performance 

Audi A5 is a thrilling performer. According to the both Boarder and Driver the Audi A5 is traddles the line between sportiness and refinement with class and style.

A5 Exterior 

Audi 5 adds a classy A5 lineup — and boarde of the Audi A5 are impressed. The top on the Audi 5 is so solid that it’s easy to forget it’s a convertible.

A5 Interior 

Boarder of the Audi A5 admires its spacious cabin and top-notch fit and finish. The metirials of the cabin are high quality. The racier roofline of the A5 means that the driver’s hip point is commensurately lower .The looks of the Audi 5 is more sporty than luxurious.

A5 Safety 

The Audi A5 features loads of safety-enhancing technology. It includes Crash Sensor, which helps keep passengers and driver safe even after a crash has occurred. Audi seems to have used the mass effectively to ensure it has built a solid structure. Even over the worst roads, the coupe remained tight and rattle-free.

A5 Reliability 

The Audi A5 is a very reliable car. The initial quality and dependability is awesome of this car. Audi protects the Audi A5 with a four-year/50,000-mile warranty.


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