Volkswagen Passat Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Article: Volkswagen Passat Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Volkswagen celebrated the 40th birthday of its Passat, paying attention to the history of the popular model. Introduced in May 1973, Passat came out from under the hands of the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. His idea was to create a car that is both practical and appeal to average families. The official Release occurs in July, shortly after Passat becomes the best selling car in Germany. Until 1980, when it was removed from the production of Passat MK1 is sold 2,500,000 cars.

The second generation model offers a series of innovations, including five-cylinder gasoline engine, turbo system and four-wheel drive. This model becomes clear that Passat has the potential to become a vehicle of international popularity. MK2 produced in Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. The next generation build the image of the Passat, as far and no model of the series, which is considered a failure. The fifth generation beat competition by offering fully galvanized coupe, a luxurious interior and a choice of 4 -, 5 -, 6 – and 8-cylinder engines.
The “Six” and “week” build on the successes of the model, helping Volkswagen to sell over 20 million Passat-but from 1973 to today.


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